Guidelines for Parents

  1. Guardians are asked to review the assignments and communication section of their students’ work to understand the progress of their wards and to properly respond to teachers’ comments.
  2. If lost, school diaries can be replaced at a cost.
  3. Duplicated mark sheets are available for guardians at a cost of Rs.50 each.
  4. Absences for more than 3 days due to sickness require a medical certificate.
  5. Please do not send sick children to school.
  6. No leave can be granted to students for birthday celebrations, marriages, feasts, excursions.
  7. For transfer certificates, a month’s notice is required with a fee of Rs.200.
  8. If students commit a serious offence, the guardian may be asked to take the transfer certificate for their ward.
  9. Promotions are granted based on the overall achievement of the pupil.
  10. A pupil failing in class twice must discontinue his/her studies in the school.
  11. In matters of promotion, the final decision belongs to the Headmaster and the Administrator. Requests for reconsideration of a decision will not be entertained.


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